The team of Nepal Beyond The Clouds movie is glad to work in partnership with Rock’n Wood, a humanitarian NGO. Their goal is to participate to rebuild the country. They will rebuild a school in Lamjung (Nepal). Together, we share the same idea and we would like to give several means to the population to develop itself. This project concerns the reconstruction of the school that Eric Valli financed 30 years ago after the movie « honey hunter ».

This primary school is for 60 students and this new construction will respect all the Para seismic norms and will be as a model for the next construction in the village. It will respect also the local traditions, local materials will be as Sal (wood) Lauze (stone roof) and masonry stones to respect the Gurung architecture. Rock’n Wood went on site to meet the reconstruction committee and establish a plan to answer the several constraints of the land and the needs of the population. A land was given by a local person and 3 members of Rock’n Wood (2 architects and 1 carpenter) are staying permanently to supervise and be sure that the construction will be well build.

At this time, the stones for the constructions are on site and we will soon start to build the basement wall.

More than ever, we need your help! Get involved to the project here:




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